Welcome to PRA – Est. 2003

PRA was established in 2003…

Now going beyond 20 years responding to community grassroots issues


What do Property Rights Australia do?

1) Provide support, through the Property Rights Australia Fighting Fund, to legal test cases and matters of significance to protect and wherever possible enhance property rights for the benefit of property owners and their communities;

2) Ensure detailed scrutiny of any scientific basis quoted by government in support of its policy decisions;

3) Encourage a balanced approach to agricultural business by promoting ecologically and economically sustainable natural resource management;

4) Hold government and government officers accountable for their actions regarding decisions that affect property rights; and

5) Provide a support network to PRA members for dealing with important property rights matters.

The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.

That’s why we need a single-issue organisation to provide a focused and concerted defense of our property rights. PRA was established in response to numerous demands from landholders, business operators, community leaders and workers to do just that.

Whether you own a suburban home or a broadacre farm, PRA believes property owners are entitled to the basic rights of exclusive access, use and the opportunity to profit. Legal recognition of those property rights is in the best interests of a fair, just and prosperous community.

PRA is not another lobby group. Our membership extends across all regions and all major rural industries and is committed to the balanced development of their business in both economic and environmental terms. We want to ensure natural resource management decisions are based on sound science and responsible economic management. The organisation is not-for-profit and not affiliated with any political party.

A key feature is the Property Rights Australia Fighting Fund (PRAFF), the only one of its kind. The Fighting Fund is used to provide financial support to legal test cases and other strategic causes to protect and enhance property rights for the benefit of all property owners.

By joining PRA, you will become part of one of the most dynamic, effective and cost-efficient rural organisations around; an organisation dedicated to delivering results for you. You will also get access to expert advice, regular updates on the latest legislative developments and access to PRA’s support network. Ultimately, your investment in PRA won’t just help insure your future; it will help insure the future of your family and your community. Joining PRA is as simple as completing and forwarding a membership application form