Livestock Sustainability & Welfare

PrA Submission to the review of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001

Property Rights Australia (PRA) was formed in 2003 to protect the property rights of those unfairly targeted bythe Vegetation Management Act 1999. We are a non-profit organisation of primary producers and smallbusiness people mostly from … Continue Reading

2021 May ABSF update – beef week

by Dale Stiller Trust and transparency are important attributes for the beef supply chain to develop with their customers and the wider community, the audience was told by Tess Herbert, Steering Group Chair for the … Continue Reading

Industry to producers

Industry to producers: Don’t miss chance to shape sustainability framework   Early reactions from industry groups to the draft Australian Beef Sustainability framework released last week have been both positive and negative. However, regardless of their individual views, all … Continue Reading

Negligence exposes beef producers to unnecessary risks

  Media Release: Negligence exposes beef producers to unnecessary risks Property Rights Australia is calling for the immediate release of a report funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to determine beef producer liability if … Continue Reading

2016.01.09 Beef Sustainability steering group

    Media Statement   Property Rights Australia (PRA) welcomes the formation of the steering committee to assess beef sustainability issues. PRA heartily endorses the comments by the steering committee chair Prue Bondfield[1] of the … Continue Reading

Members’ Newsletter – PRA Beef Expo Newsletter

PROPERTY  RIGHTS  AUSTRALIA “The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue PRA Beef Expo Newsletter Beef producers this is what WWF really thinks of your industry. WWF Submission to the Federal Government’s … Continue Reading

Beef Crisis Meeting at Paradise Lagoon

19th July 2010 PROPERTY RIGHTS AUSTRALIA19th July 2010 Beef Crisis meetingFirst of all, a few comments on the Beef Crisis meeting at Paradise Lagoons on Friday, 16th July attended by some estimates by up to … Continue Reading