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Membership of Property Rights Australia is currently managed by an executive comprised of:

Board Members

JOANNE REA – Chairman

I have lived on a beef cattle property outside Rockhampton for over 40 years. In the past I was on the Council of The Cattleman’s Union for eight years and was a member of The Community Consultation Committee of the Rockhampton Hospital District for four years. I joined the Board of Property Rights Australia because I believe that landholders are being persecuted by government and have had to deal with the concept of Sovereign Risk in a way that is unprecedented in modern times in Australia. It is clear that governments have no concept of the disillusionment suffered by those very few of the under 40’s generation who have continued on as small business owners in the food and fibre industries at a time when the world is predicted to face food shortages as one of its major challenges in the next ten years.

Board Members

JIM WILLMOTT – Deputy Chair

I have worked in rural and regional Queensland most of my life and still do running a grazing enterprise in the South Burnett. I have accumulated over 26 years working in regional service delivery for both State and local governments across Queensland and New South Wales. My involvement included various operational field-based positions and leadership and senior policy development roles within the natural resources management field with a particular emphasis on biosecurity.

Once a proud and dedicated Queensland Public Servant I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Queensland Premiers Award in the year 2000 for services to regional and rural communities. Since this time, we have witness Government actively retreat from regional service delivery models to one that is focused on legislation, regulation, and compliance with little or no respect for food and fibre producers. It is with disbelief that we watch how much of the trust and working relationships once held between the government and rural communities simply evaporate and not even valued by those in political power.

The lack of real consultation is non-existence or after the fact with policy and legislation based on non-quality assured science and modeled data. Government seeks out and values input from city-based activist groups over rural stakeholders who will be impacted by the very policy the government creates.

Public servants have grown with this cultural change championed by the Queensland Government with many seeing rural landowners as environmental vandals and a roadblock to true environmental protection.

Under this culture, Queensland rural landowners are being stripped of their property rights with little or no compensation. We watch while government-led legislation designed to protect the environment is actually producing more perverse natural resource management outcomes. Rural landowners and our communities also suffer the mental health fall out of this government culture. Our industries and rural communities are being destroyed before our very eyes and this has to stop.

This is why I have joined Property Rights Australia.

Board Members

DALE STILLER – Board Member

GULUGUBA producer Dale Stiller has rejoined the Board of Property Rights Australia.

Mr Stiller, was Chairperson of the Board for three years from 2015-2017 .

Board Members


I’m one of ten siblings, I’m a fourth-generation custodian of a piece of dirt at Guluguba which has been in our family since our forefathers moved up from SA in 1909. I share this responsibility with two of my brothers and my wife Carmel. We run a breeding/backgrounding/feedloting operation across several properties on the Western Downs. I first became involved with PRA some years ago when I had a major stoush with a resource company. At the time, I felt dispirited with the organization I was a member of, and saw PRA as a breath of fresh air. I believe we must stand our ground for future generations. If you would like to contact me phone number is 0746 282 296.

Board Members

DIXIE NOTT – Board Member

I have been a farmer most of my life except for a spell in Canberra working in Environmental Biology at ANU during the birth of “The Greenhouse Effect” as it was called then. We live in Queensland coastal range country, high rainfall (mostly) and vigorous eucalypts which focussed my attention on vegetation management. This was crystallised by my conviction that the general population has no conception of healthy woodlands, the continual need to use patchy fire of varying intensity in my country and the effect of government intervention and management prescriptions on our landscape. I started a thesis in 2005 to further this general hypothesis and hope to finish it one day.
Board Members

SHAY DOUGALL – Board Member

Shay has been a OHS Consultant running her own business for 20 years.  Based in Chinchilla, the last 7 years has seen her develop a special interest in supporting farmers in the issues they face when required to host the unconventional gas industry either on their property or as neighbours.