2017.01.05 Marlborough meeting, Shoalwater military expansion


Not for profit organisation, Property Rights Australia (PRA), believes that it is becoming more apparent the very large multiplying economic and social impacts that will be experienced by the Central Queensland region, if the Shoalwater Bay military training area expansion proceeds, with the takeover of many highly productive beef properties.


The Marlborough community has organised a meeting on Monday 9th January, 3pm, at the Marlborough Town Hall. Attending will be politicians from all levels of government and media to hear the voices of local community members and graziers.


PRA Chairman, Dale Stiller, said that, “Together these Marlborough beef properties are an important component of an entire vibrant region. People talk about a ripple affect but I’m sure a full impact study will reveal a tidal wave of trade impacts in some sectors, that given time, even the large centre of Rockhampton will feel the effects of.”


Bearing in mind that the impacts will be felt beyond those in the expansion area, PRA encourages interested people from the region to attend the Marlborough meeting on Monday.


“Citizens need to impress upon their political representatives that they need to consider the interests of communities and landowners, all those that could be harmed, first, not last, when making decisions”, said Mr Stiller. “A well-attended community meeting is one way to send a message for a much needed change in approach.” 


PRA has long record of promoting fair treatment of landowners in their dealings with government, businesses and the community. PRA points out that compensation will be available to the affected property owners. But this will not extend to the small businesses that depend on them.


At the Marlborough meeting on Monday where local community members and graziers will state their case, the organisers have also asked PRA to give a presentation. “PRA is pleased to be able to give support, and help people both as individuals or as community, come to terms to what will be the best path for them”, said Mr Stiller. “PRA has collated some information on the wider community impacts and this will form part of the presentation along with other important aspects.”


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