Fighting Fund

The Property Rights Australia Fighting Fund (PRAFF) was established to advance the core objectives of the association through providing financial assistance to contributing members involved in administrative appeals or litigations that are identified as specific “Test Cases” which will determine significant new legal precedents on Landowners Property Rights.

PRAFF Guidelines
Set up to assist in funding specific “test cases” which will establish industry wide legal precedents affecting PRA members Property Rights.

  • It is not the role of the PRA Fighting Fund to be seen as a source of Litigation Insurance for contributing members.  In fact PRA strongly recommend that its membership take out commercial litigation insurance cover.
  • The PRA Fighting Fund will be set up as a separate fund with an executive appointed and appropriate guidelines put in place.
  • Any costs, awards or compensation payments received from a litigation financially supported by the PRAFF shall be reimbursed to the fund on a predetermined individual case basis.

PRAFF Financial Contributions
Due to the high costs involved in litigations, members are encouraged to contribute financially to the fighting fund.  The PRAFF is grateful for financial contributions of any amount.
Contributions can be made by completing the bottom section of the Membership Application form and returning to PRA with payment.