AGM Presentation – Les White – Climate Change is Natural, Global Warming is False

21st May 2007

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 The Global climate is continually in a state of change. Its part of the Natural evolution of our Planet and the Sun – Earth orbital relationship. 

Global Warming or Cooling is not influenced by Climate change and I fail to recognise how Science has been so falsified as to prove this.   

We continually are brainwashed by those on the left of Politics and the Environmentalists via the Mainstream Media into believing their conspiracy. A review of a vast number of Scientific Studies and Papers printed in the various Scientific Journals prove there is no connection. 

The historical record of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide claimed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change {IPCC} has been widely used by the Environmental Movement in an attempt to force Governments to reduce Green House Gas Emission. Professor Ernst Beck of Muran – Goeg in Germany, proves the IPCC falsified and misconstrued the pre 1957 CO2 levels measured from Ice Cores and ignored more than 90,000 direct measurements by Chemical Analysis from 1857 to 1957. Their sole aim was to prove that CO2 concentrations have been increasing with the progress of human industrial civilization. Becks research confirms a wealth of previous investigations, which clearly prove the IPCC cherry picked its data in an attempt to stop global industrialization in the developed world and prevent any development in third world countries or face extreme heat and melting icecaps. Beck further proved the Kyoto Treaty on greenhouse gas reduction is based on scientific fraud and violates the laws of the Universe, and does not recognise the well established and accepted determination of climate by the cyclical variations of the Sun- Earth orbital relationship and in the Suns heat output. Greenhouse Gas emissions actually protect the Earth by forming a blanket in the Stratosphere and bouncing off the thermal heat produced by the sun and other radionuclides. Without the greenhouse effect the near surface air temperature would be -18 degrees C and not 15 degrees C as it is now. The most important among these Greenhouse Gases is Water Vapour, which is responsible for about 96 to 99 % of the greenhouse effect. 

A thorough review of 175 scientific papers allowed Professor Beck to prove the founders of the modern greenhouse gas theory; Callender and Keeling had completely ignored careful and systematic measurements by some of the most famous names of physical chemistry, among them some Noble Prize winners. Measurements by these chemists proves today’s atmospheric CO2 concentrations of about 380ppm has been exceeded in the past including 1933 -1944 when CO2 levels varied from 393 to 457.7ppm. 

Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at Adelaide University States ” He is not in the popularity stakes. If we are to look at the long history of Planet Earth we have seen massive climate changes driven by Sun- Earth  Orbit. Mountains have been created and washed away and have been ignored in the climate hysteria we hear.By ignoring history is to risk our climate where even slight changes are directly related to Solar Activity. 

More than 17,000 Scientists have signed a petition against the assertion that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful and against any Treaty based on such flawed ideas. They further support that any increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally friendly. This petition was started in 1998 and is being led by Frederick Steinz, former Past President of the US National Academy of Sciences. 

A further study reveals that 61 Canadian Scientists, many known for their work in Meteorology, wrote an open letter to the Canadian Prime Minister on the 10-01-07 objecting to the Governments greenhouse global warming claims. These Scientists called for an ” Open Climate Review of Kyoto “. 

The Greenhouse Gas Warming Theory falsely attempts to prove the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels caused by human activity in the burning of fossil fuels acts like the glass in a greenhouse to prevent the re radiation of solar heat from the Earths surface. Although such an effect does exist, CO2 is low on the list of greenhouse gases accounting for only 2-3% of greenhouse effect. By far the most important greenhouse gas is water vapour. However water vapour in the form of clouds can reflect back the solar radiation, causing a temperature reduction. There are many interrelated effects, that correlating global temperature to CO2 is like attempting to predict the price of your produce before you plant it or breed it. 

To falsify a convincing case of such correlation requires very sophisticated lying because the greenhouse gas theorists have been caught out. 

Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory in the Radiological Protection in Warsaw published a series of articles on CO2 Atmospheric Concentration at Spitsbergen. During 1972 to 1991 he investigated the history of pollution of the Global Atmosphere, measuring the volcanic dust preserved in 17 Glaziers in Poland, Artic, Antarctic, Alaska, Norway, the Alps, the Himalayas, Uganda, and Peruvian Alps. Results of this study have been included in his paper “Solar – Cycles, not CO2 determine Climate” published in 2003. He is also highly critical of Mann et al paper “Global – Scale Temperature Patterns and Climate Forcing over the past six Centuries” published in Nature Magazine Volume 392. This study was used by the IPCC to promote the Kyoto Treaty. 

McIntyre and McKitrick in their paper “Corrections to the Mann et al” published in Energy and Environment Volume 14 No.6 proved Mann et al allocated measurements to the wrong years, filling tables with identical numbers, erasing original data which has been revised by the original researchers etc. But after correcting all errors, analysed their data set using Manns own Methodology. The results of this superseded study demonstrated that the 20th Century Temperature has not been exceptional during the past 600 years. Further it demonstrates the falsity of the IPCC’S Statement into their 2001 report, based on Mann et al. 

The McIntyre and McKitrick paper was peer reviewed prior to submission by some of the World Authorities on Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Paleoclimology and Physics, it was further peer reviewed by reviewers of the prestigious British Journal, Energy and Environment. These studies sadly reflect upon the quality of Science being preformed and utilized by the IPCC. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in his opening address at the World Climate Conference held in 2003 at Moscow, stated the “Kyoto Treaty was scientifically flawed and even a 100% compliance will not effect our Climate” His chief advisor Andreic Illarionov was far blunter “The Kyoto Treaty will stymie economic growth and will doom Russia to Poverty, weakness and backwardness.” It’s worth noting here the Kyoto Treaty will fail without Russia’s ratification. Yet here in Australia the ALP under Rudd will sign the Kyoto Treaty. Yet Global Climate changes all the time from Natural Causes. It is  impossible to distinguish out the effect of Human Habitation. The science {if any} used by the Beattie Government to pass the VMA is false and will do massive damage to our food and fibre producing industries across the State. Dr. Bill Burrows in his paper “Fact or Fiction” gives chilling examples this total ban on Tree Clearing will force upon landholders and will never influence our Climate Variations. Decaying vegetation produce CO2 and our oceans are the greatest producers of CO2. In fact all living organisms produce CO2 as a by-product of their existence. The oceans are by far the greatest producer of CO2 despite the scare mongering warnings of these fraudsters. Decaying vegetation further adds to the CO2 emissions. I could not find any scientific data detailing the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by volcanic eruptions. It is well documented that the spread of ash on a global scale from  volcanic eruptions into the Worlds outer atmospheric layers further adds to the deflection of solar heat, cooling the planet. 

So it poses two serious observations. 

{1} What is really going on with our Planet – Is it warming or is it cooling? 

{2} Will ratifying the Kyoto Treaty improve the climate, stabilize it or make it worse? 

   I am often reminded when reviewing papers on Climate of the infamous Y2K Scandal, which swept the computer world in the 1999 – 2000 changeovers. Remember how our computers would cease to work after midnight 31/12/99 if we didn’t purchase a patch and install it, I didn’t, and mine still worked, how about yours? 

One thing is for certain; agreeing to the Kyoto Treaty will lead to Global Economic collapse and create situations of famine around the world as it imposes Limits to Growth and Population Control. Is this what supporters of the Kyoto Treaty are really attempting to achieve? {Genocide by starvation} Is this the methodology these fraudsters utilise in order to gain funding for their research? Their lies certainly questions their morality and honesty. Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, said ‘If you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it and the bigger the better”. 

The simple scientific evidence must be looked at from the standpoint of scientific evidence not the ideology and religion that has evolved around it. You have to ask just who is promoting these false claims and whose butt are they kissing? We all have to take a long hard look at all the facts. Their whole agenda is a fraud and their bullshit mustn’t baffle our brains. I strongly stand by that and if those fraudulent promoters don’t like it, they can all go to bloody hell.