Amalgamations cost ratepayers

3rd April 2008

Ratepayers should be aware that the majority of costs associated with the forced amalgamations of councils has not been funded by the State Labour Government.  The state set aside only $27.1 million for these amalgamations.  The costs are so far estimated to be in excess of $200m and climbing.

The difference, $170m will have to be picked up by the new amalgamated councils and they have not budgeted for these costs.  The only way for the shortfall to be met is for the impost to fall on the ratepayers with increased rates and charges, and reduced services.

The cost of running the local government elecctions has already ballooned to $15m, double the normal cost of running such elections when done by local councils.

The legislative mismanagement by the State Government that caused the huge redundancy payouts to CEO’s throughout Queensland another part of the debt legacy that will be passed onto ratepayers.

Ratepayers have every right to ask, with all the money that has so far been spent by the State Government on amalgamations, when will the State Labour Governments promised savings start for ratepayrs from the forced council amalgamations that we had to have.

Howard Hobbs
Shadow Minister
Main Roads an Local Government

Queensland Country Life