Arrow Plan 286 Wells for Hopeland


Arrow Energy have put in an Environmental Authority Amendment Application to enable them to install an additional 280 gas wells in the locality of Hopeland (Priority Agricultural Land) and in the vicinity of one of the largest environmental contaminations in our history.

The drilling plan includes the use of multi well pads with deviated drilling, the style of drilling that permits drilling straight down from the surface, but then kicks off at multiple angles. Another complication is that this may involve accessing the neighbour’s subsurface property but does not include any requirement to gain the neighbour’s permission.

Arrow Plan 286 Wells for Hopeland

The amendment includes such requests to amend the EA as the following:

  • amend the definition of Essential Petroleum Activities to include communications towers;
  • amend the definition for Essential Petroleum Activities to allowdisposal of residual drilling material to occur – landspraying
  • releasing pipeline waste water to land eg emptying low point drains to land
  • irrigating produced water
  • releasing to land treated sewage effluent or greywater
  • General waste may be disposed of onsite at a dedicated landfill facility
  • noise allowances for night time drilling

PRA are working on a submission to the EA Amendment Application.