Beattie must start again on council amalgamations

23rd August 2007Federal Minister for Local Government, Jim Lloyd, today called on Premier Peter Beattie to throw out all legislation relating to ‘his ham-fisted local government amalgamations’ and start again.

This time, he needs to start with thorough community consultation and a comprehensive and fair appeals process.

“Premier Beattie has admitted that he made a ‘stuff up’ with his draconian legislation,” Mr Lloyd said.

“Now let the people of Queensland have their say.

“The Beattie Government’s approach to the whole process of Local Government reform has been flawed from the start.

“This whole process has been a disastrous dictatorial approach to Local Government reform by the Labor Government.

“Mr Beattie and his Local Government Minister this year allowed Brisbane to go through a thorough community consultation process for ward boundaries within the Brisbane City Council Local Government Area – he needs to do the same for the rest of Queensland.”

SOURCE: Breaking news from Queensland County Life weekly newspaper, updated daily on FarmOnline.