Coalition to bring amalgamation fight to state parliament

7th August 2007The issue of Labor’s forced local government amalgamations will be
highlighted in State Parliament today as the Queensland Coalition
continues to fight against the undemocratic process which has forced
local communities to merge without any input from residents. 

Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said Labor would not escape the
political fallout from its decision to foist forced mergers on

“We will do everything we can to ensure Labor gets the message the
people of Queensland are not happy with having their voices ignored,”
said Mr Seeney.

“We will be looking at every possibility to drive this message home this
week in State Parliament.

“Whether we have to move amendments to Labor’s legislation or introduce
legislation ourselves, we’ve given our word residents in affected
communities that we will continue the fight.

Mr Seeney also said he was disappointed Labor was refusing to listen to
the concerns of the community and appeared to be pressing forward with
plans to force local communities to amalgamate against their wills.

“The level of anger out there in the community towards Labor is
something I haven’t seen for a long time,” said Mr Seeney.

“I’m simply amazed the State Labor Government here in Queensland has
refused to listen to the concerns of these communities and is insisting
on pressing forward with not only their forced amalgamation agenda but
also threatening to fine mayors who dare to poll their constituents.

“Labor needs to understand, when it comes to planning the future of
their communities, locals deserve a voice.

“Because locals deserve a say, I believe it is completely out of line
for the Beattie Government to make threats against anyone who is running

“The Queensland Coalition believes local communities deserve a voice,
which is why we have announced to de-amalgamate any community which
demonstrates its opposition to being forced to amalgamate,” said Mr

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