Councils urged to defy Beatties threats

10th August 2007Queensland councils have been urged to stand up to Peter Beattie’s
threats of sackings and fines by the State Coalition.

Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the Beattie government was clearly out
of control with its latest amendment in State Parliament to give Local
Government Minister Andrew Fraser the power to sack any councils that
offer their communities a vote on forced amalgamations.

“It’s dictatorial madness and shows the Beattie government will go to
any lengths to deny local residents their say,” Mr Seeney said.

“I urge all councils to ignore the threats from the Premier. Their
communities will rally around.

“They should ignore Mr Beattie and go ahead with giving their local
communities a say ….the people will rally around their councillors and
their towns ….they’re not going to take this sort dictatorial
nonsense,” Mr Seeney

“He’s already got the power to fine councillors $1125 if they dare to
run polls ….now he’s going to sack them …what’s next, threaten to
burn their houses down.

“This situation is now totally out of control and proves the Beattie
government is not the least interested in delivering good government
… listening to communities, local residents about what they really
want and about what they want for their local communities.

“This is a total abuse of parliament and government and shows the danger
of giving anyone like Peter Beattie an overwhelming majority,” Mr Seeney

“Instead of focussing on what he should be doing ….fixing our roads,
employing more doctors and nurses and cutting waiting lists in our
hospitals, planning and delivering water infrastructure to meet
projected growth ….Mr Beattie is now totally focussed on destroying
hundreds of small communities across our State and woe betide anyone who
dares speak out or get in his way.”

Media contact: Jeff Popp 0438 153 857