13th August 2007“The Beattie Labor Governments legislation last week to prohibit Councils from requesting polls of their area by the Australian Electoral Commission is an attack on the civil rights of every Queenslander,” Howard Hobbs Shadow Minister for Local Government, Planning and Sport said today.
“The Beattie Governments last minute amendments clearly state that a Council cannot take any action to request, arrange, assist, facilitate or cause a poll to be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission or any other entity,” Mr Hobbs said.
“The Prime Minister made the offer to Councils to access the Australian Electoral Commission and now the Premier has legislated away your right to have a say which erode our fundamental principals of democracy,” Mr Hobbs said.
“During the debate I likened the Premier to a particular German Dictator.  I have since been counselled by one of my constituents who lived under this particular German Dictators regime and he has advised me that the Premier is in some ways worse than Hitler,” Mr Hobbs.
“The Queensland Coalition believe we have reasonable grounds for a legal challenge to the legislation and we will pursue that avenue,” Mr Hobbs said.
“We are also seeking advice to other ways in which the AEC can be accessed for the purpose of conducing a poll on forced council amalgamations,” Mr Hobbs said.
“The Coalition also have a plan to give those communities the opportunity to de amalgamate when in Government,” Mr Hobbs said.
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