Desperate to stop communities having a say

1st August 2007Peter Beattie’s desperation to stop communities having their say and his threats of dismissing councils that held referendums were the actions of a dictator, the State Coalition said today.

Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney urged all councils who wanted to give their communities a say to keep going and ignore the huffing and puffing of the Premier.

“Who’s he (Beattie) kidding …what’s he going to do …call in police to arrest all councils that hold referendums?” Mr Seeney asked.

“I can’t believe how desperate he’s become with his bullying and threats of watch this space ….isn’t this the same bloke who marched in the streets against apartheid ….the same bloke who spent most of the past week speaking up for Dr Haneef…

“But he won’t give fellow Queenslanders ….mums and dads, small business owners, retirees their right to have a say on the future of their local communities.”

Mr Seeney said the Premier was shameless in his bid to shut councils up and shut them down with his Minister emailing councils yesterday threatening anyone who held a poll.*

“This is the bloke who spends millions of dollars a year on his personal government community engagement unit and signed off on $1.5 million on those dubious pro-amalgamation TV ads, but now threatens councillors who want to spend meagre amounts on local polls.”

Mr Seeney said local communities must be heard.

“What’s so terrible in local shopkeepers and other small business people, local police, teachers and nurses having their say?”

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