Directional Drilling by stealth, Government gone AWOL

Offering a straw house assurance in the midst of corporate wolf type activity is how to best describe the Department of Resources releasing of a ‘Directional Drilling’ fact sheet this last week.

Property Rights Australia (PRA) are deeply concerned about Arrow Energy’s activities which has created considerable anxiety and costs for the farmers in the highly productive cropping districts surrounding Kupunn and Cecil Plains, near Dalby.  In a step that brings to mind the bad old days of the ‘dash for gas’ Arrow Energy have been seen to undertake inconsiderate and unacceptable behavior which was typical of resources companies in the infancy of the industry. Arrow have apparently ignored the legalities and requirements for respectful conduct surrounding subsurface entry to neighboring farmers.  This demonstrates failure by Arrow Energy to follow simple protocols from those set down in legislation to their own ‘co-existence’ commitments.

PRA has a track record in supporting the Farming community and property rights and this is one of those examples that PRA is monitoring and is working on intensively through taking sound legal advice in support of farmers.  PRA is particularly monitoring how the government, both at the political and departmental level responds to these particularly outrageous circumstances.  Both the Department of Resources and the Department of Environment have at their disposal various provisions contained in Acts under their administration by which they can take action re compliance and prosecution.  

The unjust, overbearing circumstances to which these farmers have been subjected to has gone on for far too long and the time for action is now. In the case of Entry Notices, as the regulator, the buck stops with government, who must prosecute this illegal behavior and ensure that the operations of these high-quality farming businesses are not impeded in any way, shape or form.