Election a chance to have a say on forced mergers

15th October 2007The Federal Election is the first chance voters in Queensland will get
to have a say on forced council amalgamations, the Queensland Coalition
said today.

Shadow Minister for Local Government, Howard Hobbs said revelations made
public last week showed Kevin Rudd met only once with Queensland’s
Premier on the subject of forced council mergers which indicated Labor
was not serious about doing anything regarding forced council

“Mr Rudd only had one meeting with former Premier Beattie about
amalgamations and that meeting is the most well advertised meeting
Australia has seen, considering he has been too ineffective to get a
result and too weak to take the issue on,” said Mr Hobbs.

“Queenslanders know it is the Coalition Government which has fought for
the rights of locals communities to have a say on how they are governed.

“Prime Minister Howard guaranteed plebiscites on the issue could go
ahead and Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney promised that the
outcomes of plebiscites would be recognized by the Queensland Coalition.

Mr Hobbs also said forced mergers was an important point of difference
between the Coalition and Labor.  The Coalition will let residents have
a say on their community’s future and Labor will not.

“The Coalition will allow local residents determine the future of local
communities whereas Labor instead employs union hacks to decide
community’s futures,” said Mr Hobbs.

“Voters should show Kevin Rudd and Labor they say NO to forced
amalgamations by voting for the Coalition.  Only the Coalition
understands the impacts forced mergers is having on local communities
and will give residents have a say in their community’s future.”

Media Contact: Howard Hobbs 0428 152 656