Emmissions Trading Bill Public Meetings

3rd October 2009



“The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue

facing the rural community. It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,

job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.”

Members’ Newsletter

29th September 2009

Dear PRA member,

The following is a copy of a Media Release released this afternoon:


If you thought the effects of the Vegetation Management Act were bad for your business, we are now faced with

the Australian Emissions Trading Bill.

This has the potential to put Australia as an export nation out of business

How could we have arrived at this impossible situation?

We have taken up an offer by Professor Bob Carter of the Australian Climate Science Coalition and James Cook

University to explain the situation, by organising three public meetings.

One is to be held at Rockhampton Leagues Club, Cambridge Street, on Tuesday evening, 6th October, commencing

at 7pm.

The second is at Roma’s TAFE College Jubilee Hall, on Friday 9th October, commencing at 7.30pm, with Senator

Barnaby Joyce speaking as well.

The third is to be held in Clermont at the Blair Athol Community Hall on Saturday, 10th October, commencing at


We could also express our opinion at these meetings of Premier Bligh’s proposed endangered regrowth

management bill.

The proposals in these bills could have extreme consequences to our livelihoods and our communities. All are

welcome to attend.

Ron Bahnisch

Ron Bahnisch, Chairman

Property Rights Australia Inc

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