Forced Mergers wont protect local communities

14th August 2007Peter Beattie’s ‘iconic’ legislation to protect Noosa and Douglas shires
stood as an icon in nonsense, the State Coalition said today.

Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said the whole episode was an absolute
farce and proved Peter Beattie’s claims about strengthening local
communities through forced mergers were not based on truth.

“He’s getting rid of local town plans through forced mergers. But at the
same time he’s promising iconic legislation to protect communities the
way they’ve had protection up till now through their local town plans,”
Mr Seeney said.

“It’s nonsense and an admission that forced mergers will not protect
local communities.

“This so-called iconic legislation is policy-on-the-run and proves the
Premier has been on the wrong track from the start,” Mr Seeney said.

“Until now places like Noosa and Port Douglas have been able to develop
their communities as they see fit through their local town plans.

“But under Labor’s forced mergers, the ability to protect local
communities has been taken away, which is why Mr Beattie is now
promising iconic legislation.

“This is an admission by the Beattie Labor Government the new merged
councils will not have the same ability to control what happens in their
local community.

“Local communities deserve a local voice and they deserve a local
choice, which is why we are still calling for councils to give their
residents a say.”

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