Goondiwindi Peter Spencer Property Rights Justice Meeting

13th January 2010 

13th January 2010

Dear Members

The following is information regarding the upcoming “Peter Spencer Property Rights Justice Meeting” to be held at Goondiwindi.

Subject:                 Goondiwindi – “Peter Spencer” Property Rights Justice Meeting

Location:                Goondiwindi Cultural Centre

Start:                      Mon 18/01/2010 3:00 PM

End:                       Mon 18/01/2010 5:00 PM

Recurrence:            (none)

Categories:             community, meeting

It is time to start fighting for Justice on Property Rights, Land Clearing, Vegetation Management, Water Rights

A public meeting has been called in Goondiwindi QLD starting at 3pm next Monday, 18th January 2010 at the Goondiwindi Cultural Centre.  This meeting is to discuss the erosion of the Australian people’s Property Rights as has been highlighted by Mr Peter Spencer’s hunger strike at “Saarahnlee,” near Canberra.

People that have been directly affected bylaws that have in turn affected their livelihoods and in part have had their property stolen from them without “compensation on just terms” will speak at this meeting.

Senator Barnaby Joyce has rescheduled his commitments to be able to address the meeting and an open invitation is extended to all elected parliamentarians to also attend and address the meeting.

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Attendance at this meeting should further the cause.


Ron Bahnisch

 Ron Bahnisch, Chairman
Property Rights Australia