Hands off Gulf and Cape York Peninsula: Qld farmers

27th September 2006

Queensland Natural Resources Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, has undertaken to seriously amend the Wild Rivers Legislation, according to Property Rights Australia (PRA).

The undertaking comes in response to a far north Queensland Local Government deputation on Friday.

PRA chairman, John Purcell, said, “The Wild Rivers Legislation is a disgraceful and totally impractical document.

“Cattlemen in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York Peninsula region would find their businesses unviable, as would many of far northern Shire Councils if the Bill is implemented with its intended Code,” Mr Purcell said.

“The conservation lobby groups painted a false picture to the Government and the public generally on the Gulf and Peninsula.

“These regions are not for the faint-hearted or those who expect to live life in the easy lane.

“Both the Gulf and the Peninsula lack many of the services the rest of Queensland takes for granted.

“Those who currently live in these places deserve the gratitude of all Australians.

“These people are this country’s custodians of our northern borders, borders which are now vulnerable.

“However, if the area is depopulated an open door will be created.

The Gulf and Peninsula are no place for the greenies or the weekend picnic party.

“It is a hard country which needs tough and committed people to manage the area.

“These people are the ‘salt of the earth’ and must be allowed to continue their positive contribution to all Australians.

“Many are third generation families who know the region, know the difficulties, yet love the lifestyle and the rewards of living in the Gulf and the Peninsula.”