Howard Hobbs – Rural and Regional Industry Champion to lead Senate Ticket

4th December 2006

Queensland Rural and Regional Industry Champion Senator Ron Boswell has been given the green light by the Queensland Nationals on the weekend to continue his work representing Queensland in the Senate.

Member for Warrego, Howard Hobbs said the National’s Senator Boswell has made an outstanding contribution on behalf of all Queenslanders and especially those involved in primary industry across Rural and Regional Queensland.

“Only last week he was in Roma announcing $1 million in funding to fight the killer noxious native plant Pimelea,” Mr Hobbs said.

“Some beef producers were at their wits end trying to get assistance and it was only after Senator Boswell was alerted to the problem that the issue was put on the radar screen in Canberra,” Mr Hobbs said.

“The Nationals Senate Team includes Chartered Accountant and Businessman Mr David Goodwin and Transport Business Director/Owner Scott Buchholz,” Mr Hobbs said.

Mr Hobbs said it was essential that the strong support be given to the Nationals Senate Team in the run up to the next Federal Election as Rural and Regional Queensland and Industries cannot afford to have more Greens sneaking into the Federal Parliament at the next Election.

Media contact: Howard Hobbs 46 22 88 88