Kevin couldnt give a Rudd about councils

8th October 2007The Queensland Coalition today stepped up its call for Kevin Rudd to
show his true colours on Labor’s forced council amalgamations.

Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said Kevin Rudd’s claim he’d been
‘consistent’ on forced amalgamations was a cop-out and another example
of his “breeze sniffing” on key issues.

Mr Seeney challenged the would-be Prime Minister to clearly state his

“Everyone’s sick of his crocodile tears. He’s not fair dinkum,” Mr
Seeney said.

“If he’s really opposed to forced amalgamations as he claims, he would
meet with Premier Bligh this week and use his well-honed negotiating
skills to convince the Premier to-rethink her predecessor’s failed

“I challenge him to do that because I really suspect Kevin couldn’t give
a Rudd about our councils and the communities they represent.

“All he’s done is sniff the breeze and mouth some platitudes about
caring for regional communities.

“He claims he’s been consistent on his line of opposing forced mergers
… I didn’t see him attending any of the rallies or hear of him holding
meetings with mayors.

“And our Question on Notice, on how many meetings, emails, letters,
faxes or phone calls Mr Rudd made to the former Premier in an attempt to
overturn forced council amalgamations showed Mr Rudd met with Mr Beattie
just the once …on May 16.

“If Mr Rudd is fair dinkum about representing the interests of regional
Queenslanders he’d pick up one of his nest of phones and call Premier
Bligh today.

“It’s about time Mr Rudd showed us his concern about communities like
Noosa is more than his personal interest in multi-million dollar beach

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