Labor caught using push polling…AGAIN

19th August 2007The Beattie Labor Government has once again been caught out using push
polling to try and legitimise their forced local government
amalgamations, the Queensland Coalition said today.

These fresh allegations follow on the heels of Labor being caught out
just weeks ago employing the same sort of tactics to try and spin
Queenslanders into supporting the forced mergers.

Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said he had received calls late
last week from people who had been contacted by AC Neilson asking push
poll questions and called on the Premier to release the questions used
by the pollsters.

“The sorts of questions they were asked were, do you think local
councils should be strengthened, are you aware the Local Government
reform has now been passed through Parliament and do you believe it is a
waste of money to conduct referendums?,” said Mr Seeney.

“There is nothing honest about the ‘research’ the Premier is talking
about today.

“These questions were obviously designed to get the answers he wants.

“The polls Labor should be listening to are the ones which were
conducted in Nebo and Bauhinia yesterday, they overwhelmingly rejected
Labor’s plan of forced mergers.”

Mr Seeney also said Queenslanders should take heart from the massive
back down from Labor on their threats to sack any councils who dared to
ask local communities for their thoughts on forced mergers.

“Peter Beattie is just like a school yard bully, if you stand up to him,
he will back down,” said Mr Seeney.

“I encourage all the communities across Queensland who are affected by
the forced mergers to continue the protests and continue the

“This isn’t economic reform, it’s the Premier’s political revenge
against local communities who have stood up to Labor in the past.”

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