Labor ignores local voices in forced mergers

12th December 2007The Bligh Labor Government should listen to the people voting in the
plebiscites on forced council mergers, the Queensland Coalition said

Queensland Coalition Shadow Minister for Local Government Howard Hobbs
said Labor’s approach of ignoring the results was arrogant in the

“People have every right to have a say in the future of their
communities,” said Mr Hobbs.

“In healthy democracies governments heed the voices of the people. But
not in Queensland where Labor is ignoring the people when it comes to
the forced mergers of their communities.”

Mr Hobbs said voting in the Gold Coast, Noosa, Caloundra, Redcliffe,
Caboolture and Pine Rivers showed people were overwhelmingly against
forced mergers.

“On the Gold Coast 81 per cent of voters said no to a forced merger with
Logan. In Noosa 96 per cent said no, and in Caloundra 69 per cent said

“Results in Redcliffe just as strong with 87 per cent of voters
rejecting the forced merger with Caboolture and Pine Rivers shires. In
Pine Rivers 74 per cent of voters said no and in Caboolture 68 per cent
said no.

“The message to Labor should be clear …residents don’t want forced

“Voters didn’t get a voice on this at the last election because Labor
didn’t have the courage to go to the electorate with this policy. Labor
should have the courage now to listen to the overwhelming vote of ‘no’
to forced mergers.”

 Media Contact – Howard Hobbs 46 22 88 88