Media Release 10-08-10


10th August 2010


Dear Sir


Anthony Watts, the American climatologist of the world-wide accessed blog, Watts Up with That (three million hits a month), on hearing of the draconian nature of our veg management laws at a meeting in Emerald in June, volunteered, “If ever there was a case for civil disobedience, this is it.”


It is interesting that a north Qld grazier who won last year’s Qld Landcare Primary Producer of the Year Award and a long time proponent of grazing best practice is considering just that.


Is it any wonder?  After eleven years the Veg Management Act of 1999 has had twenty two amending Acts with 400 amendments (184 of these retrospective).


These amendments have been deemed necessary not only to make a plea of not guilty much more difficult to mount by the defence in court proceedings but to accommodate further demands by the Greens in preference deals negotiated with Labor at three successive elections.


Every change is prefaced by the Premier and her Minister declaiming the need for certainty. Changes of vegetation status can occur unilaterally without notice or consultation, rendering the landowner criminally liable for the portion cleared after the change.


Overseas jurists can’t believe that the repressive nature of these laws exist in a western style democracy.


Voters at this federal election should keep in mind that the Greens Party candidate for the Senate in this state assisted in the formulation of these laws.


Yours faithfully,


Ron Bahnisch

Chairman Property Rights Australia



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