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Beef producers this is what WWF really thinks of your industry.

WWF Submission to the Federal Government’s mid term review of Caring for Our Country

20 May 2011 “Australia’s most important icon and marine biodiversity hotspot the Great Barrier Reef, the source of $6 billion a year tourism industry supporting over 60,000 jobs, is at risk from agricultural practices of comparatively low economic value in the catchments feeding the Reef. Eliminating the pollution threat can provide the resilience the Reef needs to survive 2 degrees of global .”warming

I used this quote from a WWF website on Just Grounds in March but it is no longer available. The same article went on to detail that they were going to use satellite imagery to improve sustainability. We in Queensland know what that means.

“Did you know that the beef industry is the largest user of land in Australia?

The Australian beef industry has had significant impacts on native wildlife habitats on land and sea but all that is set to change.

Key beef industry players are engaged in a new global and Australian initiative to move existing beef production practices onto a sustainable footing

 One of the innovations currently under investigation is the use of satellites to track cattle stock and to report on the condition of land and pasture. This initiative, if implemented, will bring a new level of precision and sophistication to beef production. It will also bring down the costs of operating sustainable and provide an important case study for other agricultural industries to learn from.”

Will this satellite imagery and other farm related information be solely in the hands of the landowners involved, the administrators and presenters of the programme, government agencies, WWF or all of the above?

Will it become yet another witch hunt where a landowner gets a summons in the mail with resultant fine as a result of unfavorable satellite imagery which cannot be challenged, as with the Vegetation Management Act, or will it be used by WWF to pillory the beef industry in Australia or overseas?

This from Mlke Nahan of the Institute of Public Affairs in 2003 in an address to the VFF.

The Greens have become ensconced in positions of influence in the bureaucracy, research institutes, advisory bodies, and regulatory agencies and are getting paid to do it.…

If you come to the livestock sustainability programme at Beef Expo on 10th May you can have your say.

Tickets can be purchased here.


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