Members newsletter 19th September 2017

19th September 2017

PRA Board

Retiring from the board are Dale Stiller and Annie Clarke.  I wish to express my personal appreciation for many years of highly valued service as Chairman of PRA by Dale Stiller. 

The AGM re- elected the other current board members, Joanne Rea (from Kunwarara), Sharon Lohse (from Brooweena), Peter Jesser (from Inglewood) and Tricia Agar (from Wyandra).  Current board members would like to welcome new board members Neville Stiller (from Guluguba), Mike Fromme (from Tarome) and Rick Gurnett (from Charleville).

During the first board meeting after he AGM board positions were voted as follows:

Joanne Rea – Chairman                                             Tricia Agar – Vice -Chairman/Treasurer

Peter Jesser – Secretary                Sharon Lohse – Board Member

Neville Stiller -Board Member   Mike Fromme – Board Member

Rick Gurnett – Board Member    

Basin Sustainability Alliance AGM

The BSA cordially invites anyone from the Surat Basin community who has an interest in the sustainable use of our region’s most precious resource namely our underground water, to attend and reflect on the long-term impact of ever increasing competition for our diminishing water reserves.

Members newsletter 19th September 2017


Joanne Rea

Joanne Rea


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Members newsletter 19th September 2017