Members’ Newsletter 27th February 2013


“The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue

facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,

job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.”

Members’ Newsletter

27th February 2013


PRA members,

Usually when you receive a newsletter it’s about events that have occurred and the action board members have taken.  However on this occasion the issue is still unfolding, it is yet to get into the press and the board request that you to take a small but very important action.

Please click on the following link to an e petition to the Qld Parliament. Follow the instructions. You will have to write down a number which you will have to type into the page where you sign.  To be able to sign you must be a Qld resident but you don’t have to be over 18; as long as you understand the issue you can sign.


There is occurring a rapid development of coal seam gas fields between Wandoan and Injune. Powerlink is planning to construct a web of high voltage transmission lines and a large power substation and are falsely seeking to designate this as community infrastructure. Landowners are being dealt with by Powerlink in an appalling manner; they are using antiquated laws to negate their responsibility towards landowners for resource sector projects.

Below is a note from Gary & Kerry Ladbrook who are very heavily impacted by this project. 

 Dear Friends,

If you could support our e-petition by clicking on the link above and signing that would be great.  This is a massive project to provide electricity to each and every gas well that Origin and Santos will have operational and we believe it should come under Coal Seam Gas Rules not the very ineffective and out of date acquisition of land act 1967 that has seen many landholders threatened by Powerlink to gain access, trespassing by Powerlink and environmental staff, very poor consultation in regard to transmission lines, very poor weed washdown procedures and no compensation detailed. 

We have a proposed 20 ha substation which is central to the entire project and have 5 transmission lines exiting and entering.  3 of these are the 275 kv transmission towers and 2 are the large cement poles (135kv?).  It affects over 100 landholders with many having 2 transmission lines dissecting their properties and unfortunately will be the way of the world with this new Coal Seam Gas boom. 

We believe it should come under Coal Seam Gas Rules and not passed off as community infrastructure as it is for private companies and their shareholders to turn a profit.  

 Please pass on to all your family members and friends and ask them to support us by clicking on the link above and signing our e-petition. 

Kind regards Gary & Kerry Ladbrook



Dale Stiller


Dale Stiller, Vice Chairman

Property Rights Australia

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