Members’ Newsletter 28th February 2012


“The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue

facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,

job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.”

Members’ Newsletter


28th February 2012



There have been a record number of charges for illegal clearing in the recent past and record fines have been imposed.

 One such person was Trent Hindman who cleared turkey bush but left mature trees on his property ‘Alpha Station” Wyandra.  He pleaded guilty but was fined a huge $110,000 plus more than $13,000 in costs.  Trent is appealing against the magnitude of the fine.  He is having a field day at his property on 14th March.  (See attached flyer)

If you live in the area and can make it to the field day or subsequent meeting ring the number on the flyer.  This case has been extensively covered in the Country Life and Beef Central.

Beef Central’s latest article –


In the original article & throughout the comment thread you can follow all developments from the time of the court case


WWF Plan to Supervise Australian “Sustainability” Programmes.

For two years now CCA and MLA have been talking about sustainability programmes and members of Cattle Council attended international meetings of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.  There is now an Australian Roundtable for sustainable beef which is a member of the Global body.

The global meeting was convened by WWF and on 9/2/12 WWF advertised in the Country Life for a Project Manager for their sustainable beef programme.

Advertisements for the two-year role say WWF “is seeking a skilled project co-ordinator to help reduce the ecological impacts of beef production.”

The successful applicant will be required to “develop and manage relationships with a range of stakeholders within Australia and globally, including the recently established Australian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (ARSB)”.

The job description for the role suggests it will particularly focus on reducing any impacts of beef production on the Great Barrier Reef

I have argued strongly that in Queensland in particular WWF has been involved in all the environmental “green tape” and legislation that we have to contend with and they regularly make exaggerated claims about us particularly with regard to the Barrier Reef.  These statements have damaged our reputation as food producers and destroyed our credibility.




WWF were also instrumental in promoting the highly flawed “Livestock’s Long Shadow” which was put out by the UN’s FAO and accuses livestock production of being responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all of the trains, planes, trucks and automobiles on the planet.  The calculations have since been shown to be incorrect with livestock in the US responsible for only 3% of greenhouse gas emissions.

This paper has done untold damage to livestock industries, been the source of many anti-meat campaigns and “environmental” policies of reputable organisations but no rebuttal of it has come from MLA and WWF still have the erroneous claims on their websites two years after the mistakes were admitted by one of the co-authors.

This issue is being reported in the news and there is a discussion to which you can contribute in the newspaper and at Just Grounds called “WWF want to Tell Australian Cattlemen how to be “Sustainable.”

The launch of this plan is at Beef Expo in May at Rockhampton.

Please let PRA know your feelings on the matter.

Coal Seam Gas

A new web site that endeavours to thoroughly research, provide analysis into the coal seam gas industry and to bring fact instead of opinion; providing information through a series of articles.  Keep going back to this link as new articles will be regularly added.




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