Members’ Newsletter 2nd June 2016

“The erosion of private property rights is the single biggest issue

facing the rural community.  It creates uncertainty, stifles investment,

job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.”

Members’ Newsletter

2nd June 2016 

Early Bird Discount for PRA Conference
A reminder for you that the early bird discount to the Conference ends on Friday evening.  The conference registration form is also attached to this email. 

You can still register after Friday and can even turn up on the day of the conference with registrations open at 8am.

It does make it a lot easier to organise catering etc. when people register early.

A lot cheaper quote for a coach Roma to Charters Towers conference

Another quote has come in late that is way better than the previous quote for a return bus trip to the conference in Charters Towers.  Passengers can be picked up at each of the towns on this itinerary.

ITINERARY (Thurs 9th June)

5.30am departure from Roma

6.30am Injune (passenger pickup)

8.30am – 8.45am Rolleston (Comfort Stop)

10.15am – 10.45am Emerald (Comfort Stop & Morning Tea)

1.45pm – 2.30pm Belyando Crossing Roadhouse (Lunch Stop)

4.30pm Arrival in Charters Towers

(Saturday 11th June)

7.00am departure from Charters Towers

9.00am – 9.30am Belyando Crossing Roadhouse (Comfort Stop)

12.30pm – 1.15pm Emerald (Lunch Stop)

2.45pm – 3.00pm Rolleston (Comfort Stop)

5.00pm Injune (passenger drop)

6.00pm Arrival in Roma. 

Cost (Bus only)

For 20 people it will be $195.00 each return (previous quote was $286) Transfers from Accommodation to the Conference on Friday included.

If there are greater numbers the cost will be reduced.  If we can muster together 40 people, it will only be $132.00 return.


Those travelling by bus will be responsible for booking their own accommodation for the duration (Thursday & Friday nights).  The PRA office has a list of motels and hotels in Charters Towers.

Book a seat – by contacting the office on 07 49214000/email  during office hours.  Further enquires can be made to Kerry on 07 46235338.

Top line up of Conference speakers on current issues
Professor Peter Ridd will be the keynote speaker.  Prof Ridd has worked on movement of sediment, ocean flow and other aspects of the Great Barrier Reef environment.  He is calling for more quality assurance of the science so that we may have confidence in its veracity if it is to be used for making expensive public policy decisions.

PRA is pleased that we can allow landowners access to one of Australia’s leading scientists in the area of sediment and the GBR.  Public policy decisions about the GBR are being directed at agricultural producers, some of which will have major impacts on the ability to produce food.  The harsh changes to the Vegetation Management Act is in the false assumption that any landowner in their management of the vegetation mix will create erosion causing sedimentation on the reef.

Tom Marland of Marland Law with a presentation titled – “Vegetation Management in Queensland – seeing the forest through the trees,” about changes to tree clearing laws.  This will be about the government’s Vegetation Reinstatement Bill.  Tom acts for several landholders currently faced with prosecution under the Vegetation Management and Forestry Acts.

Helen Bender will speak about her family’s experience with CSG and the protection of high quality soils.  It has been very frustrating that the last three governments in their rush to expedite the CSG industry have offered protection to high quality soils in name only which have proven to be ineffective.

Cynthia Sabag is a horticulturist from near Tully and will talk about over 10 year struggle to develop an orchard and having to offset half of the property to obtain clearing permits.

Senator Barry O’Sullivan – Federal environment law (EPBC Act) oversight of State development approvals.  Also how greater attention needs to be applied by all levels of government to property rights.

David Kempton – Cairns based lawyer – fair administration of the Federal EPBC Act and what landowner requirements are under the Act in light of Federal Department of Environment interest in Qld approved High Value Agriculture clearing permits.

 “Meet and Greet’ will be held on the evening of June 9 at 6pm.  With Conference opening for registrations at 8am the next day the Meet and Greet provides the opportunity for attendees to interact in an informal atmosphere on the eve of the conference


Dale Stiller

Dale Stiller


Property Rights Australia

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Members' Newsletter 2nd June 2016