Members’ Newsletter 5th September 2017

Members’ Newsletter

5th September 2017

This Note was inspired by a story which Dale put on the PRA Facebook page.

The article shows how important it is to register ownership with the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) if you have property which is located on someone else’s property.

This is a tragic story for a young woman and certainly proof of purchase should count for something.

It has been the case that people who have cattle on agistment where owners have been foreclosed on have had cattle taken possession of by receivers.

You can create a PPSR by going to this government web site.

It was primarily created for motor vehicles but has now become almost mandatory for all property which is not located at your premises.

Most of the literature refers to the financing industry being able to secure their interest in property such as a car which they have loaned money for but also covers private owners.

This site however does mention crops and livestock and other goods.

This is an example of yet more paperwork that primary producers and others need to take care of.


Joanne Rea

Joanne Rea


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Members' Newsletter 5th September 2017