Mining Issues

10th November 2008

Generally landholders are unaware of their rights when faced with a mining company who has a State Government licence to explore for minerals on their property.

Landholders do have considerable rights.  After all, the land which the miner wishes to come on to is private property, either of freehold, perpetual lease or leasehold title.  It is also the landholders’ place of business and generally their home.

PRA has worked with the legal firm p & e Law and a Barrister-at-Law on this matter.  As follows are two publications (1) Property Rights in Relation to Advice on Mining Matters, and (2) Compensation Agreement, Section 532, Petroleum Act.

These documents are most valuable and should be secured by all who face the mining companies.  No landholder should allow any representative on their land until they are familiar with these documents and have sought legal advice.  Do not enter into any agreement.  Do not sign any paper without legal advice.


The information sheets and documents are not legal advice and independent legal advice should be obtained.