More stupidity

27th September 2006

The Queensland Government’s release of the code applying to a native forest practice on freehold land proves that they are still out there with the fairies.

Property Rights Australia Chairman John Purcell said, “This Government does not understand primary production, free enterprise, the meaning of private ownership, contractual sale of land and, above all, private forestry.”

Reading the code and trying to relate it to profitable commercial practices is an impossible task. As recently stated by a highly experienced former departmental officer, ‘there is a need for someone who knows what they are doing to become involved.’

The anti-rural attitude of Beattie & Co. has simply gone too far, like tales of old; the giant will awaken and is sure to flex its muscle.

Why any government wants to close down productive industry, considering this State’s perilous financial reserves is a mystery.

Those organisations that cheered loudly on Friday must wake up. While ongoing harvesting in some rain forests is good news to the few, restrictions on the vast majority seemed to go unnoticed.

The more Beattie & Co. do the more obvious it becomes they are clearly the most incompetent Queensland Government of all time. Their record proves this is fact.

“PRA advised the relevant Minister Palaszczuk on Friday that our legal team would be instructed to simply ‘put this matter on the list’ for our High Court Challenge,” concluded Mr. Purcell.