Open Letter to Premier Beattie

3rd October 2005


It’s a pity you can not meet with the many hundreds of marchers at the Pilbeam theatre on Thursday 6th October, from 1.00pm. Thank you for your response and apology. This is better than no acknowledgement at all, of the last rally in Brisbane during Exhibition week when 500 Property Rights Australia supporters marched in the rain to the Executive Building.

On that occasion you had called a special Parliamentary sitting to debate the proposed Federal Industrial Relation changes. In fact, this was an attempted diversion from the disastrous State issues and the pending bi-elections for Chatswood and Redcliffe where your party received a well deserved, inevitable and thorough trouncing.

I know you are regretting not being able to observe the PRA march and rally as well as responding to the rally speeches. As a consequence of your absence PRA has arranged to have the event and proceedings recorded on film and sound. You will receive a complimentary copy.

As a private citizen, I wrote to you in March 2003. I never did receive any acknowledgement or response. I simply stated you had a responsibility to govern fairly for all Queenslanders. I pointed out you had a weak State Parliamentary Opposition as well as a weak rural lobby group.

In short I suggested you had the choice of being remembered as a great Premier or a political opportunist. Regrettably the latter is the case. Premier, it is sad but true that the vast majority of rural primary producers do not trust you in your role as the highest elected office bearer in the State of Queensland.

Nor, do rural primary producers respect or trust much of the public service. You have politicized the public service as never before. This sadly is a fact. The Queensland community is divided as never before under your leadership.

In summary, Property Rights Australia will continue to speak out against the injustice and savagery of your Vegetation and Water Legislation. PRA will continue our stated objective; to challenge your legislation in the High Court of Australia.

PRA will continue to campaign against the discriminatory nature of your approach and policy towards rural residents engaged in small business and primary production.
Your Government’s vision and management of essential and basic resources and services such as water, power, transport, law and order, health is lamentable.

In conclusion, you have managed the State poorly, your prejudice and denial of the civil liberties and natural justice to the rural sector is unpardonable.

Yours faithfully,

John Purcell
Chairman Property Rights Australia
3rd October 2005