PRA Column: QCL 23rd February 2006

23rd February 2006

The Vegetation Management Act 1999 and the Water Act 2000 are coming back to haunt Beattie and his Government. Despite all the pre-legislation plotting and planning with their green friends, the Government has stuffed up. Why? Simply because the Government ignored good basic science and chose to misrepresent the facts for political gain.

Research, both domestic and overseas, has contradicted the science used by Beattie on vegetation, salinity and water.

We must not go soft on a Government who introduced legislation based on flawed science which took away basic civil liberties and imposed massive fines. This was accompanied by many charges and intimidation. Many good people have been forced to plead guilty to a charge, when they know they are innocent, to avoid a possible fine that could put them out of business. Is this justice? Is this happening in the great State of Queensland?

Departmental staff were ill-prepared for such a role change of assisting country people to be trained to persecute the very same people. Training to incoming compliance was inadequate. Our State Police receive two years training while compliance staff get a badge and a pat on the back.

As always the apathy of the rural community is a factor. “She’ll be right mate, it won’t hurt me.” Maybe, but what about your mates?

What about 2006? Are we going to be so short-sighted or soft-headed to forget the horrors of the past years? Is the appointment of a new Minister with a better attitude and maybe a softer departmental approach going to cause you to forget? Don’t be fooled, the same laws are in place! Don’t be fooled by a paltry $100,000 Enterprise Assistance. Don’t let it blind your vision or your judgement. Take out your calculator and look to the long term. You will be shocked!

What about the future? We continue to be over-governed, over-regulated, over-taxed and treated like criminals. PRA will continue to spread the truth of the situation where retribution is king.

None of the vegetation, water or Wild Rivers legislation is really about the environment. Yes, it is about the environmental movement and their votes, it is about retaining power.

Beattie’s greatest mistake is his belief that no one would have the gall or the guts to challenge his flawed legislation. He is wrong!

PRA is well resourced, well represented and ready to go. Legal briefs are being prepared. The challenge will go forward just as soon as PRA decides the case is prepared and the timing is right.

John Purcell, Chairman

Property Rights Australia

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