PRA opens Rockhampton Office

16th June 2005

PRA has opened their Rockhampton office which is situated at 214 Quay Street, phone 07 4921 3430 and fax 07 4921 3870 (email to be confirmed).  Quay Street is on the frontage of the Fitzroy River, in the old Dalgety office near the Custom’s House.  The office is open MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM.  The phone has message bank if required.

Mrs Debbie Daley has accepted the PRA position.  Debbie is well known to the writers.  She and her husband worked on “Croyden” in the Marlborough/Clarke Creek area (now owned by Acton Land & Cattle Co).  Debbie also worked in a rural supply business in Rockhampton prior to their entry into small business which was highly successful, and which they sold some years back.  Members are welcome to call on the office (the building is now called the ENTERPRISE CENTRE).

As members are aware PRA has held four highly successful meetings at Rockhampton, Taroom, Mount Perry and Blackall.  The average attendance was 260 persons.  Many new members have joined, and support for the High Court challenge has been very strong.

On Monday next PRA has a Public Meeting in Proserpine (20th June) followed by Sarina on Thursday 30th June.  The interest in these centres focuses on water.  Unfortunately Allen Schutt (PRA Board member and member responsible for investigating the Water Act 2000) and our friends from Fitzroy Basin Food and Fibre, who specialise in water, are unable to attend.

I also contacted the new Director-General of DNR&M seeking personnel from his Department to attend the above meetings.  In discussion it was apparent the government and the Department do not like our style.  I was told they were “unable” to provide a speaker.  Apparently their view is PRA does not communicate with the Minister or the Department.  Further he believes the Minister (Stephen Robertson) was treated harshly at the PRA Annual Conference.

If the government or the Department expect PRA to be compliant, or be prepared to compromise, or to do cosy deals, then they are dealing with the wrong people.  PRA is about justice, fairness, respect, HONESTY, and we will not compromise while ever our membership is being downtrodden and discriminated against by the Beattie government.

Thanks for your support.

John Purcell
For further information contact: John Purcell, Chairman PRA
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