Property Rights Australia 2010 AGM Details

30th April 201030th April 2010 
Good Afternoon Members
When Fiona attempted to book the Emerald Town Hall for this years AGM on June 19th the booking clerk told her if there was any chance our meeting during the day would interfere with the evening function it might be better to book a fortnight earlier June 5th.
A couple of days later we discovered that the Saturday night meeting was a presentation by (2) environmental scientists and the American moderator of probably the worlds most active and authoritive anti Global Warming science blog “Watts Up With That”, Anthony Watts.  This meeting with a charge of $20 starts at 7.30 pm.  It is being promoted by Leon Ashby’s Climate Sceptics Party.
The presenters are Anthony Watts, Australian Scientist David Archibald and Emerald based environmental scientist Dr, David Stockwell.
David has recently returned after 11 years in the United States and specialises in analysing the data used by Climate Change scientists.  He finds a lot of it questionable.
PRA does not have too many arguments with anthropogenically driven climate change sceptics and consequently have moved our meeting back to June 19th 2010.
Anthony Watts will be addressing our conference and together with the other organising committee we have booked the whole Town Hall complex for 24 hours.
Watts will attract other eminent people in his field and Professor Bob Carter will attend the only regional country meeting ion QLD and I expect others.
Jimmy Barnes and Shannon Noll will be performing at the Emerald Showgrounds on the evening of Friday 18th June commencing at 6.00 with a gate charge of $ 80.
This will be huge event with a block of 10 rooms being booked for that night as we were talking to one motel owner.
We have taken a block booking of 12 cabins at the Pritchard Road Country Resort for 2 nights Friday and Saturday for Board members and visiting speakers.  A map shall be supplied in your registration package that you will receive in the coming weeks.  The resort has a very spacious entertainment area which we have booked for the “Meet and Greet” for the few people who don’t want to go to the Barnes concert.
We will supply some drinks and nibbles but the resort does not have a liquor licence.  We have access to a Boardroom free of charge.
The programme subject to changes but roughly will be a face to face board meeting on Friday afternoon commencing between 3.00 and 4.00 pm.
There will be a “Meet and Greet” after dark and we will repair to the Town Hall next morning for the AGM/Conference.
Anthony Watts arrives at the airport at 10.40am Saturday.  PRA’s AGM will be in the afternoon followed hopefully by a BBQ at the Town hall leading to the meeting at night.  Members and friends are welcome to attend many or all of these functions and we are hoping a not for profit organisation will help with the catering.
However we can not emphasise strongly enough if you require accommodation in Emerald BOOK NOW.  The place is seething at the best of times and motels give preference to rostered mine bookings.  The resort would not give us more than 12 cabins for this reason.
Give the resort a ring because they said closer to the event their rosters will firm up.  They charge $85.00 a double in a cabin with ensuite and a continental breakfast.  Standard apart from the conference complex is that of a Caravan Park in a particularly quite setting.
Cate Stewart from Mt Morris, Charleville will be one of our guest speakers.  She posted easily the biggest submission to the Senate enquiry, 90pages classified confidential.
As a result she got a special in camera hearing of 50 minutes at the enquiry in Western Australia.
PRA took the enquiry very seriously and wishes to thank all those who responded with submissions.
Cate Stewart has made a great impact where ever she has spoken and in WA the day after the enquiry she addressed the annual conference of the Western Australian Pastoralists and Graziers Association.
The deleterious effects of Green fundamental activists particularly in the 3 states Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia are a lot more pervasive than many people realise.
Phil Sheridan will update us on our high court challenge and we will get Bob Carter to join his friend Anthony Watts on the podium.  There is a possibility representatives of the WA Pastoralists and Graziers Association and Jennifer Marohasy an old friend of PRA may also attend.
All we need to make the event a success is your attendance.
Ron Bahnisch
Ron Bahnisch, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
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