Right to Clear Regrowth Defended 02-04-09

2nd April 2009
Media Release
2ND April 2009
“If Premier Bligh and Minister Robertson are expecting a soft run to pass the proposed legislation to ban clearing of regrowth they had better think again.” said Mr John Purcell Property Rights Australia Chairman.
 The rights and livelihood of Queensland’s rural sector are not about to be swapped away to the Green lobby for their voting preferences.
Mr Purcell continued “PRA and I will fight like ally cats to retain a simple management tool such as the maintenance of improved land developed for the livestock and cropping purposes in other words food.  Many thousands of hectares of land have been developed within the laws of this state.  To have these lands ripped away from those who have paid dearly in dollar terms to develop this land is no more than a blatant theft.
PRA will rally the Queensland rural sector, Bligh and Robertson can expect a few/many angry rural producers on their doorstep and in the Parliament at the appropriate time.  This blatant slap in the face will be returned with interest.”


Written and authorised by John Purcell, Chairman Property Rights Australia

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