Property Rights Australia Member Newsletter 06-04-09

8th April 2009

6 April 2009

Dear Member,

As I predicted some months ago the Government has decided to pull on the ‘big one’, that is, to stop treatment of regrowth management.  If this were to become law many people in our industry would be forced off the land, food production would decline markedly, food prices would sky-rocket, beef exports would decline and export income would fall, and the ordinary people like you and me would suffer.

This is a fight we must have and must win.  It will take all our effort, and will need to be well-supported and well-financed.

The proposed action:

Write a strong letter of disgust to the Premier at:  PO BOX 15185, CITY EAST  QLD  4002  or email or FAX:  07 3221 3631  pointing out that we produce food (beef, mutton, milk, wheat, sorghum, corn and other grains.)

Cattlemen in particular populate the sparse areas of Australia and guard against the entry of exotic diseases, report the encroachment of illegal immigrants into our country, etc.—the list goes on.  Employment would decline and jobs would be lost.

The action proposed by Bligh and her mob has no scientific basis.  It is purely political to continue to pander to the Greens.

There will be more for us all to do.  There is a real need for each of you to do your bit.  Such support could be the difference between success and failure.  Please do your bit.

Please feel free to circulate this document and any other information conveyed to you from PRA among your friends, associates and families.  This will spread the word and generate support for those of us in primary production in the bush.

  Best wishes,

John Purcell

John Purcell, Chairman

Property Rights Australia


Note:  This communication has its origins in Maroochydore, SE Queensland.