Media Release – 10 July 2023 (Attachment)

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Landowners faced with quickly developing complex circumstances encroaching on their land or community, which are driven by government and multinational business; do need the guidance or tools to how to handle the situation.

Released on July 5 was the Queensland Renewable Energy Landholder Toolkit in a partnership by the Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) and the Queensland government.

“The need is there, but what could have been an important resource falls short of the mark; constrained because of QFF tying itself to government,” Chairman of Property Rights Australia (PRA) Jim Willmott said; “Advocacy is diminished when policy position is to walk in step with a State Government that has little interest or concern for rural and regional Queensland?”

In the emerging spotlight on the environmental, social and food security impacts, the poorly planned rush to renewables is starting to lose wider public credibility.

“It is clear Minister Mick de Brenni and the Queensland Government have all but dismissed the impacts on rural and regional communities in the pursuit of energy transformation with its industrialised sites and connecting infrastructure,” said Mr Willmott.

“The Minister misused the release of the toolkit to apply government spin, misdirect attention and be misleading about the impacts on landowners.”

“Victoria is well down the renewable energy pathway. Interestingly the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is taking a very different approach to this issue and continues to advocate for fairer laws, and better strategic planning for renewable projects and transmission lines in agricultural areas and regional communities.”

Politicians at all three levels of government continue to call for a Senate Inquiry on the rush to develop renewables. “We want government to pause and plan properly with respect to our energy transformation to ensure that rural communities, our food production and environment are protected for future generations.”

PRA recognises the need for the provision of current information and practical guidance for landholders impacted by the renewable energy rollout. However, QFF has failed to acknowledge the reality faced by many landowners and communities.

PRA calls on QFF to support the call for a Federal Senate inquiry into the impacts of renewables and associated transmission connections on rural and regional Australia.


Jim Willmott

PRA Chairman

Mobile: 0439 451 473