What has Queensland done to deserve Premier Beattie – By John Purcell, Chairman PRA

29th July 2007

As is becoming all too common, Beattie has once more walked all over rural Queensland, ignored decency, democracy and exercised his belief that he knows best for Queensland and Queenslanders.  In simple terms this is ‘bullshit’.  Beattie is totally wrong.

Beattie and the ever-compliant Minister Frazer who asks ‘how high Premier’ when asked to jump, have dealt a disastrous blow to the bush with their ill-considered compulsory amalgamation of Shires.

Today’s announcement to reduce Shires from 156 to 72 is no more than an insult to very many hard working Shire Councillors and their staff.  Centralisation of power with larger Shires will seriously harm the smaller rural towns, their businesses, their services and the town and rural residents and ratepayers.

World history, known to most of us, paints pictures that still chill us to the bones.  If we can take any comfort from today’s announcement it is that Beattie and his cohorts do not control the Army, otherwise the tanks would be out on the streets.

Queenslanders must fight this disastrous proposal with full vigour.

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