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19th January 2016

The Queensland governments latest tree cover report (SLAT’s) confirms that the north is largely undeveloped with 90% and greater remanent native vegetation across various regions. For long term viability, NQ agricultural producers need to develop a proportion of their land to value add, diversify and gain access to a greater variety of food product markets. Some landowners, through an extensive and expensive process of environmental and agronomic appraisal, succeeded in gaining approval for high value agriculture (HVA) clearing permits.

 However, balanced development is a concept lost on the green/ left.  Deputy Premier Trad is on the public record stating[1], The Crown law advice is that the Queensland government has no power to suspend or revoke the permit,” and “the state would offer any assistance required to the federal investigation.”  Apparently, it was to this end that the contact details of all HVA permit holders were made available to the federal Department of Environment who misrepresented the purpose of the EPBC Act in a letter sent indiscriminately permit holders. The letter was ambiguous in its language, creating uncertainty and attempting to bluff landowners into engaging in a process designed to string them along with further expensive environmental studies. Federal government assistance also extended to state and federal compliance officers making joint property inspections.

The Federal Environment Minister and his office claim to be unaware of this activity by some activist public servants within the department. Minister Hunt’s first public statement was to clumsily shift blame to the Queensland government. Minister, it is your role to manage the department and ensure that the Act is administered in a fair and honest manner.

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Dale Stiller

Chairman Property Rights Australia

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