ABCs Lateline to air The Great Global Warming Swindle DVD

22nd June 2007After some persuasive talking the producers of ABC-TV Lateline they have agreed to allow 3 hours of dicussion on the DVD Global Warming swindle on Thursday 12/07/07 at 8.30 pm.There will be 1 hour for screening on the DVD 1 hour Panel Discussion and 1 hour for audience partcipation.Please circulate this news to all as I believe it is the greatest and costliest mistake any Government has ever made. Also the alarming revalation that Keating agreed to bann all tree clearing in NSW & QLD  as part of his false agreement with the Kyoto Agreement.There is also a case currently before the Federal Court in Sydney where Peter Spenser, NSW Landholder, Is claiming $B10.4 as compensation for loss of productivety and Carbon Trading. Will keep you up to speed on developments in this case.The pendulium is finally swinging our way and I ask you all to to influence whoever to ensure we carry this right up to Election Day.Les WhitePRA Treasurer