NSW Farmers backs calls for inquiry into property rights

21st June 2007The NSW Farmers’ Association has welcomed comments by Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce about the need for recognition of property rights for farmers.

Senator Joyce is calling for free title ownership and market values to be properly recognised by lawmakers and the public.

NSW Farmers’ Association president Jock Laurie said the Senator’s call reflects the concerns of the association that there is a lack of clarity about the rights of land owners.

“We support the call for a Senate inquiry into property rights,” Mr Laurie said.

“We need to clarify what the situation is regarding the moral and legal obligations for free hold property owners once and for all,” Mr Laurie said.

“Farmers have contributed enormously to Australia’s reduction of greenhouse gasses.

“We believe any system or scheme must recognise and reward the contribution farmers have already made, and to do that we need to be clear about farmers’ rights,” Mr Laurie said.

SOURCE: Rural Press National News Service, Parliament House Bureau, Canberra.