Joyce wants property rights inquiry

20th June 2007The disregard for property rights in Australia by all levels of government could soon resemble communism, according to Queensland Nationals Senator, Barnaby Joyce, who wants free-title ownership and market values properly recognised by law makers and the public.

The Senator’s stark claims have been triggered by his concerns for farmer rights under any new carbon trading scheme the government may adopt, and his fear farmers will be pawns in the race to address climate change.

Senator Joyce is calling for a Senate inquiry into property rights before any carbon trading scheme is implemented, regardless of whether farmers are actually part of the trading system or not.

He said it was time for battle against governments at all levels “from impinging on the fundamental right of people on the land to their free ownership and free title”.

“This has been slowly whittled down and whittled down and whittled down over time –by State and Federal Governments,” Senator Joyce said.

“And we’ve got to make a stand to stop it.

“If anybody else has an aspiration to reduce the rights of what was entailed by free title, or take ownership of it, then they must pay for it.”

Senator Joyce said this is important now because everyone is talking about carbon – and said the farming community must be ever vigilant when looked to for carbon credits.

Senator Joyce said the carbon trading issue highlighted the need for a new debate and even an inquiry on property rights “because if people are going to take into account the carbon that is on you place or part of your title then you must be paid for it”.

“Government’s must enter the market if they need property to meet their own goals,” Senator Joyce said.

SOURCE: Extract from full story to be published in Rural Press’ rural weeklies, Thursday, June 21, 2007