Ad Hominem attack on Professor Bob Carter

11th October 2010RIGHTS AUSTRALIA

11th October 2010

Ad hominem attack on Professor Bob Carter

Professor Bob Carter has had to endure a cowardly attack on the ABC Science Show Saturday 2nd October by a Robert Ward.

Following is an expanded version of a comment I was unsuccessful in posting on the ABC comments blog.

With carbon dioxide elevated once again onto the political agenda in Australia after the recent election, global warming apologists, with a partisan ABC leading the chorus, continue as if Climategate and all the other Gates never occurred.

Post-modernist thinking dictates that not only is their position sound (your perception is your reality), but they must prevail.

The legal team that successfully challenged the veracity of Al Gore’s film (An Inconvenient Truth) in the London High Court chose Professor Bob Carter from a world wide panel as a senior science witness with sufficient standing to be admitted by the court. The judge ordered that if the film was shown to British school children it must be done with nine disclaimers identifying errors of fact.  This alone is enough to generate apoplexy in the GWA fraternity every time Bob’s name is mentioned.

With the advent of the first Labor government in Qld for some time, in 1989, a purge occurred in the public service and scientific organisations. Rudd and Coaldrake introduced managerialism which made a toxic mix with economic rationalism and post-modernist thinking, introduced at roughly the same time. No more tenured academics giving fearless advice or scientists engaged in the blue sky research which in the past resulted in some of our most celebrated breakthroughs.

I can clearly remember in the first meeting to establish Qld’s first WAMP (Water Allocation Management Plan) in the Fitzroy River Basin in the early 1990s, being startled by an engineer, of all people, intoning, “Your perception is your reality.” The compromise of science has proceeded apace worldwide ever since and latterly the Rudd government has forced all releases from once highly respected organisations like the CSIRO to be vetted by the PM’s own department for their political connotations.

Scientists whose financial circumstances are secure or career paths are close to retirement have long since left, leaving their compromised peers behind. I have two family members who chose to leave.

This has occurred throughout industry, bureaucracies and in any hierarchical organisation unwise enough to employ MBAs and embrace the current detrimental philosophies. There are very sound arguments that the GFC was caused and certainly exacerbated by overpaid CEOs armed with little more than an MBA, “You can manage anything you can measure.”

Bob Carter is simply a very talented, qualified, and independent scientist speaking out for the thousands of qualified scientists who have refused to be compromised by the present philosophies and who are now retired or paid consultants.

The most frequent and desperate call in the wider community is for someone to demonstrate common sense. Common sense is anathema to proponents of managerialism and post modernist thinking and economic rationalism is just another example of over-correction.

Expertise attained by life experience in industry, termed “Domain Knowledge” in a recent book, “The Puritan Gift,” by two octogenarians, the Hopper brothers, is discounted, and even discouraged by managerial cultists.

Elders recently appointed a CEO from New Zealand who last rescued a machinery hire firm and Telstra and the Health Dept are prime examples of dysfunctional organisations run on managerial lines.

Australian Environment Foundation Conference

I would commend the conference to be held to be held in Brisbane on Saturday, 16th Oct (details attached).  The AEF is an organisation founded by Dr Jennifer Marohasy to foster genuine environmentalism based on science that all thinking land managers support.  Max Rheese, the present CEO has recognised our kindred spirit status by giving PRA members a discount from $175 to just $75 attendance fee for Saturday’s seminar.

We last collaborated in staging Professor Bob Carter’s series of meetings in Qld and the successful campaign to stop the ETS last year.

To get the discount use the attached flyer, not the one on the AEF website.
Townsville Rally

We would also encourage any members who are able to attend a rally in the car park of the Suncorp building at 9.30am for 10, Thursday 14th October protesting the ERMP for the Burdekin catchment.  We will forward the email and flyer from the organisers.


There are a number of matters I will update for members before the end of this week.


Ron Bahnisch

Ron Bahnisch, Chairman

Property Rights Australia