Regulation Outrage

22nd October 2010
22nd October 2010
Regulation Outrage
As mentioned in a previous newsletter civil unrest is occurring all the way from Cape York to Perth fuelled by government policies pandering to the extreme environmental agenda.
A one billion dollar bauxite mine has been put on hold by Minister Robertson’s arbitrary decision to extend a 200m exclusion zone required by the Act on the Wenlock Wild River to 500m. The unemployed aboriginals in the Lockhart River are outraged and The Wilderness Society is delighted.
380 concerned citizens attended the ERMP rally at Townsville on Thursday of last week. This is more than half the landowners involved in the Burdekin regional catchment.  Board member Peter Anderson was part of an Agforce organised delegation to the Premier and the Minister.  The outrage evident outside the building certainly permeated inside. A small CQ group, Australian Resources Security Ltd, has to take the credit for driving this issue.
Landowners in Central Qld have expressed their concerns at several meetings called to protest up to 300% rate rises in the new amalgamated shires.
This week’s banner headline in the Qld Country Life  is “CALL TO ARMS” and the local Rural Weekly supplement has “STATE OF ANXIETY” with a child holding a placard, “BORN FREE REGULATED TO DEATH”.
Four meetings are scheduled in Qld to consider the Murray Darling Basin Plan. An estimated 400 citizens packed the RSL hall at St George yesterday. At the entrance to St George huge signs said “THIS MEANS WAR” and “SAVE OUR SHIRE.”
On Monday WA farmers are putting Property Rights into a coffin and burying them, symbolically protesting their loss to the Liberal National government.
Outrage is being expressed all over the continent.
Coal Seam Gas
The Australian newspaper yesterday ran an article about the contaminated water from gas wells near Miles. Vice Chairman Lee had given the reporter a conducted tour on Wednesday. This afternoon we will know whether the Federal Govt will allow Coal Seam Gas exploitation.
AEF Conference
On Saturday Ashley McKay got two enthusiastic ovations for his contribution on abuses involved in Veg Management in Qld at the Australian Environment Foundation seminar in Brisbane.
I would like to thank PRA members, including past Chairman, John Purcell, Vice Chairman Lee McNicholl (who brought campaigner Drew Hutton with him) also Dale Stiller and Rob Moore for attending and supporting Ashley and Doris. Dr Jennifer Marohasy made a gracious complimentary speech and called for a second round of applause for him.
We thank Ashley and Doris for their contribution, particularly as Ashley was only just mobile after a horse tangled in wire rolled on him.
Last Wednesday a CQ grazier unsuccessfully attempted to use the Brigalow Corporation constitutional defence in a tree clearing charge conducted in the magistrate’s court.  The case highlighted the hazards of attempting to represent yourself (which is permitted) but to use the Brigalow Corporation defence run unsuccessfully between 10 and 20 times in the courts to date is an absolute disaster.
If members are charged with tree clearing offences please contact us as we now have a much more streamlined method of dealing with these cases.


Ron Bahnisch

Ron Bahnisch, Chairman

Property Rights Australia