Federal funding for Electoral Commission council polls applauded

7th August 2007The Prime Minister’s announcement the Australian Electoral Commission
> will conduct local polls on council amalgamations free-of-charge has
> been applauded by the State Coalition.
> Queensland Coalition Leader Jeff Seeney said Prime Minister Howard’s
> annoucement to fund the local council polls through the AEC stood in
> stark contrast to the Beattie government’s denial of democratic
> freedom.
> “Mr Beattie and his Ministers have done everything to shut down
> democracy in this State,” Mr Seeney said.
> “They’ve done everything to deny local communities their right to have

> their say ….last night threatening councillors and mayors with $1100

> (eleven hundred) fines if they dare allow their communities to have a
> say and hold referendums.
> “This announcement by the Prime Minister will be welcomed in every
> community from Boonah to Stanthorpe, from Noosa to Barcaldine, from
> Port Douglas to Aurukun.
> “It will give everyone living in regional Queensland hope.
> “It will give everyone of the tens of thousands of residents who have
> rallied and marched against forced amalgamations in the past weeks
> heart that their actions haven’t gone unnoticed.
> “I call on Peter Beattie to stop his dictatorial attack on our local
> communities and allow them to have their say on their local councils.”

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