Help Peter Spencer

14th December 2009

 Hello everyone,

This is a case I have been aware for more than 2 weeks & I have given this much thought of whether to become involved.  I have talked to people who know Peter Spencer & his situation first hand and I have not taken the decision to support this cause lightly as there are too many possibilities of a bad outcome.  Peter Spencer owns a farm in NSW on the southern boundary of the ACT; it’s one of the highest altitude farms in Australia.  Peter has lost the ability to make an income off his farm, firstly from vegetation laws, water regulations that stopped fish farming & lastly the impact of kangaroos & pests from the adjoining National Park.  In all 3 circumstances Peter Spencer has not received any compensation.

 Peter Spencer tried to take his case through the courts; he has not been allowed to present his evidence.  He is now at the end of his tether & is about 21 days into a hunger strike.  I have been told that he is a very determined man.  Unless there is recognition of his case & the many 100’s of other farmers, Peter Spencer will die.

 Below are many links that will give you a lot more information, view what time allows you.  Above all pass on to others this situation.  The main stream media have been slow to take up this story.  Contact them & whatever politicians you wish to.