PRA shows solidarity with Peter Spencer

10th December 2009

10th December 2009

On 24th January 2005, Michael Duffy on ABC Radio National’s Counterpoint began a series of three programmes called The Great White Land Grab. The first one dealt with the case of Peter Spencer’s property south of the ACT border being expropriated in the national interest. Other sessions covered similar occurrences in WA and QLD, collectively allowing successive federal governments to claim that the timber locked up enabled Australia to meet its Kyoto carbon commitments.

No adequate compensation was ever offered for the land heist and industry organisations in Peter’s words have adopted a “we don’t have confrontation, we have consultation” stance.

Peter Spencer, driven to the end of endurance, is now into his third week of a hunger strike, requesting that Prime Minister Rudd, on his way to Copenhagen, recognise that he is in receipt of stolen goods, and compensate Australian farmers accordingly.

Everyone with remnant timber and now regrowth in Queensland is making a contribution to Rudd’s claimed carbon sequestration and this fact now comes into stark relief.

Environmental law experts here and overseas are taking a keen interest in the flouting of all recognised legal principles in the administration of law in this country and pressure will build to have this rectified.

We have to collectively convince Peter Spencer that his efforts have highlighted the situation and he has started a groundswell that won’t be stopped.

We need a list of the worst cases of abuse similar to Peter Spencer’s.

I know of a property completely abandoned because of the timber clearing restrictions. The country is all irrigable and has next to it the now most northern substantial irrigated dairy farm in Australia.

I urge all members to contact Peter Spencer’s support team led by Alastair McRobert and demonstrate solidarity with his cause. We need him to continue the fight for justice for all people affected by this Great White Land Grab.

If you have not already done so, log into Agmates and register on the Peter Spencer site. All you need is your email address and a password to add your name to the numbers. Numbers count!

Peter – we need you alive and physically fit.


Ron Bahnisch, Chairman

Property Rights Australia