Prof. Bob Carter advocate of natural climate change Rockhampton Meeting

27th October 2009


27th October

Dear PRA member,                                                                                                                                               

The following is a copy of a Media Release released this afternoon:


 There were about 130 in attendance at a meeting with Professor Bob Carter, an advocate of natural climate change, held in Rockhampton on Friday evening.

 We had several well known climate alarmists in attendance, a representative from the local green group, a gentleman who flew up especially from Brisbane to attend, an environmental engineer who runs a consultancy and a representative from the CQU Centre for Environmental Management who has requested all our information.  None of these people contested any detail of Professor Carter’s presentation.

 With a good list of emails we hope to be able to maintain contact as the critical vote in the senate on the ETS approaches.

 The ETS was discussed at great length. Two recent contributions to the debate have been made by Peter Walsh, a West Australian wheat farmer who served as Finance Minister in the Hawke Labor government 1984-90, and Terry McCrann, a prominent commentator on economic matters in the national media.  Both of them are ferocious in their condemnation of the ETS as being “just another tax,” another GST type tax without an upper limit.

 As a result of the meeting we received a copy of this letter addressed to Senators from a young lady who holds a degree in Environmental Engineering:                    

 I’m writing to you ahead of the Senate vote on the Government’s controversial Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS).  I sit in an office of environmental scientists and engineers, none of which are convinced on the human induced climate change debate and the value of introducing an emissions trading scheme, which will impose additional costs on the working family and Australian industry, and in particular, our primary producers who will be unable to pass on any costs of the ETS.  If included in any future scheme, the CPRS will essentially amount to an additional tax burden, with very little return to increasing farm sustainability or productivity.   I implore you to vote NO to passing the CPRS, even in the face of a double dissolution trigger.  I, like many Australians, want to reduce pollution and increase sustainability but a CPRS will do nothing to achieve this end, apart from raising significant revenue for the government to feed the bureaucracy.”

I urge you to join Senator Barnaby Joyce and Senator Ron Boswell in their unequivocal rejection of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

 Ron Bahnisch, Chairman

Property Rights Australia Inc

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